The Most Wonderful Time of the Year


In a January 2015 post on Mischiefs of Faction, I discuss how the “invisible primary” shapes the identities of political parties.


A Surprising Unsurprising Election


In this November 2014 post on Mischiefs of Faction, I examine the midterm election.  Presidential job approval rules our world, white Southern Democrats are a vanishing breed, and Duverger’s Law ain’t dead.

Will the GOP Declare War on Rand Paul?


In an April 2014 post on Mischiefs of Faction, I contemplate the hostility of GOP elites towards Rand Paul’s foreign policy views. Can they persuade the masses to care about the issue?  I draw a lot upon Pew’s study of American public opinion on foreign policy — Republicans look mostly, but not entirely, hawkish.  Since this post, the foreign policy debate has shifted toward Ukraine and Iraq — more “comfort food” for Republican insiders, who get to denounce a Democratic president for being “soft.”